Proud Renter of a Gold Pleather Couch

Deciding on an apartment was hard. The whole process was pretty quick but it was one of those times that illuminated how much I was on my own. Here’s a play by play of how it went down.

On Monday morning I emailed a real estate agent I had seen on a Facebook group. Her name was Rose. By Monday afternoon I hadn’t heard from Rose so I messaged her on Facebook and I heard back right away. Welcome to Vietnam, I don’t understand either. She sent me some pictures of a few options but wow it’s hard to make a judgement call based on real estate photos. What street is it on? What does the building look like? Where can I do laundry?? Luckily the next day Rose asked if I wanted to view the apartments. So I agreed to met up with her (with only one minor directional issue) and hopped on the back of her motorbike as she led the way to the first of three apartments.

The first was a ground floor, dark, small, studio apartment. The second (and winning) apartment was a third floor, bright, shiney, one bed/one bath, solid apartment. And the third was a room in a shared house where I stepped in dog poop (in bare feet) on the floor while touring. So the best choice of the three felt obvious. But I couldn’t help but wonder about what else was out there.

Well, Rose dropped me off at a restaurant that she recommended and said “You should put a deposit down this afternoon to make sure that you get the apartment!” Then zoomed off. I’m not known for my quick decision making skills but it felt necessary in this scenario. While most of my sounding board was asleep halfway across the globe, I sat in a cafe, created a good, old fashion, dependable pros and cons list, and made the decision on my own.

Within 48 hours of first inquiring about apartments, I was paying a deposit in Vietnamese Dong and signing a year long lease. Does that sound shocking and terrifying? Because same.

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