A List of Enjoyed Things in Hanoi

I made this list a few months ago of things I enjoyed in my first 6ish months in Hanoi but forgot to post it. So I’m doing it now.

Motorbike transportation including:

Kumquat trees

Families of 5

Sleeping babies

Cooker with an open flame

Crates carrying hundreds of eggs

Dogs of any size



Poles the at least 12 feet long

I buy fried snacks sold in the afternoon on the street by a lady who continually speaks vietnamese at me in an attempt to connect.

I’m newly obsessed with Bubble tea, and feel like I’m a part of the Vietnamese culture.

The neighborhood’s gym/playground is wildly popular among the middle age community.

Women expat meet ups remind me that whatever experience I’m having, I’m not the only one to have had it.

I do private English lessons with a woman who always responds with “yes, of course!” when I ask a question about Vietnamese culture, like the answer was obvious.

A Vietnamese co worker bought me a massive hair clip to hold all my hair.

The English company I work for offers Vietnamese lessons, which has revolved around food and has re shaped my diet in Hanoi.

I am now a regular in a few neighborhood cafes despite my initial resistance.

I communicate semi effectively through charades with my apartment building’s security man because he doesn’t know one word of English.

I joined an African dance class.

I have rented a scooter for the second time in an attempt to have some autonomy.

Despite wanting to be a proficient scooter driver, I do love riding on the back of motorbikes….

I’m part of an art therapy group that has helped process some of my experiences that I often have alone.

My ability to remember vietnamese names has improved greatly.

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