Olay, Malay(sia)

Today is a big day for blog updating. I got a sense recently that I’ll look back and wish I had taken the time to document thoughts and feelings and pictures so that’s what I’m going.

I went to Penang, Malaysia because I needed to update my visa. I spent 4 days and 4 nights on this little city island that gave me more diversity than I’ve seen in maybe years. My experiences were diverse. I did a little hike through a national park, I caught a sunset on the beach, I wandered a city in search of street art. The people were diverse. They were Malaysian, Indian, Chinese, maybe more?  Because the people were so diverse, the food and culture was diverse. It was a real treat. I stayed at a hostel that was female only and had a few workaway volunteers who had been there for many weeks. The evenings were spent with me in the common space listening to their banter, which was mostly made up of an older (60ish) woman try to work in the term “friends with benefits” as many times as she could while explaining her male relationships in the city.

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