Unexpected Lessons Learned

A list in progress of things I’ve learn in Vietnam:
  • Beer with ice in it is better than warm beer.
  • It’s easier to accept profusely sweat instead of fighting it.
  • When you think pants are dirty and wait too long to wash them, you forget how dirty they are and end up re-wearing them.
  • Being warm and friendly breaks through language barriers.
  • Getting on a motorbike when it’s raining and the driver is wearing glasses is not the best idea.
  • Vietnam is the best place to eat solo because eating pho with chop sticks is not cute.
  • Happiness is overrated: it’s abstract and maybe not real. There are better emotions to recognize and hold on to. (Thanks Oprah and Stephen Colbert https://youtu.be/gqkOHxydOFc)
  • There’s little I can do to console a crying Vietnamese 4 year-old.
  • I will never again underestimate the importance of a comforter or a bathroom mat.
  • If I’m ever in a situation again where I’m spending the holidays away from family and friends, I’m booking a trip somewhere.